Subterranean Rendezvous


The Invitation:

YOU are invited to a top secret dinner in an underground tunnel on [REDACTED] at exactly [REDACTED]. You are one of only ten participants. Please RSVP ASAP, as this is an extremely important and urgent mission.

We will meet at the [REDACTED] station at [REDACTED] sharp. We will split into two groups of five. One group enters the tunnel by raft on the Oakland coast. The other group enters the tunnel via a creek bed in a residential neighborhood. Both groups will walk to the center of the tunnel, where we will eat a meal together by lamplight. The groups then separate and continue on, exiting the tunnel out the opposite side they came in. We then reconvene at the [REDACTED] for tearful goodbyes.

You will be given a role: Illuminator, Evidence Collector, Echo Architect, Scripter, or Humorist. Talk to your counterpart on the other team and design a dish based on your job. Each of you will carry half of the dish. When we meet at the middle of the tunnel, the dishes will be assembled and consumed.

We’ll tell you your role’s responsibilities after signup is complete. Welcome aboard.

Yours edibly,


The Roles:



Light and scent are your domain. You carry our sole lantern and decide where and if it shines.

You are our protector and guide. Make sure everyone gets in and out of the tunnel whole.

Evidence Collector

You collect and interpret evidence of life. Mark it on the map. Tell us how to respond.

You carry our sole camera. Someday strangers will see this journey through your eyes.

Echo Architect

You create and interpret sounds. Create a secret language of sound to communicate between teams from a great distance.

You decide when we are silent and when we are loud. You carry our only phone.


At significant landmarks, leave instructions on the wall using chalk markings. These will be discovered and interpreted by the other team’s Evidence Collector.

You decide what evidence we leave in the tunnel.


You are our empath and choreographer. Make sure our bodies have the correct balance of HUMORS.

You carry a fun orange ball.

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