No. 6: RISE


Read Apolitical Manifesto
We are no longer in America. Today in this park there is no state. There is no government, no land ownership, no taxes, no authority, no law. This is a free space and we are free people, standing together as individuals, ungovernable.

Here we celebrate absolute freedoms. Freedoms for which modern society has no words for. Freedom from governance, freedom from language, freedom even from the definition of freedom. Here we transcend culture, law, and identity. These rules are artificial, recent inventions, irrelevant when measured against to the single ancient and immutable rule that we acknowledge: life. Here the only rule is life, expressing and sharing and eating as our own uncontainable selves, together in one place.

Soon we will choose colors: red, yellow, and blue. Each color represents a temporary society. These societies do not have a common goal. They have no agenda, no politic, no phrases to chant in unison. When you wear a color it does not signify any sort of conformance or dilution of your beliefs. It simply is a sign of togetherness, of mutual support, a sign that you will support your neighbor’s right to believe and express his or he beliefs, and they yours. It is a commitment not to echo any one person’s opinion, but to make sure they too are heard. It is a commitment only to acknowledge your neighbor’s humanity.

At this time we need three founders to carry the flags.

Every member of your society will have a different idea of what the society represents. That’s okay. There is no obligation to find a common cause for your society. Maybe you will find one, or maybe you will each have radically incompatible views. That is for you to decide as free individuals.

First you will take your colors and meet your neighbors. Then we will ascend the hill. Each society’s suggested path is marked with colored ribbon. During the ascension, get to know someone you’ve never met before today. A total stranger. Learn who they are. At the top of the hill there will be a checkpoint where each person is required to give two forms of ID: first, a stranger must describe who you are. The second form of ID is your interaction dish. Present your dish, its title, its description, and what it means to you. If you didn’t bring a dish, find someone who did and get to know it. If there are no dishes in sight, describe a dish you would like to serve to someone and why. Once these forms of identification have been presented, you will be admitted into the zone of radical freedom where we will share a meal.

At least, that’s what I think will happen. I have no authority. I’m just describing what’s happening.

1A mid-day meal was hosted at the top of Buena Vista park, a designated non-national zone. Three temporary societies were declared, one for each of the primary colors. Diners each joined a society, donning an arm band and walking behind a glorious flag. Each society followed a different pre-marked path up the hill. As diners ascended the hill, they got to know their fellow society members.

2At the peak of the hill, diners were required to present two forms of I.D. to enter the zone of radical freedom. First, a stranger would have to introduce them. Second, they must present and describe their Interaction Dish.

3During preparation for the event, an act of vandalism was committed. Two residents of the park, concerned about this invasion of public space, cut down the red flag with a knife. After a brief discussion and judicious application of tape, the flag was recovered and repaired.

Today’s Menu:

Cake or Death
cake-or-deathA death-by-chocolate cake decorated with raw almonds (the shells of which are known to be lethal) is presented on a metal platter. Take knife in hand. As you cut the cake, loudly declare what you are rising up against. By eating the cake, you commit to conquering that adversary.

Champagne Showers
4Don glowstick-lined bindfold. Sweet club jams will pump loudly from the stereo; dance to bring the rain. Champagne sprays. Catch it in a large bowl and drink.


Ingest wasabi whipped cream. Notice the bite of the wasabi ascending into your sinuses. Before the sensation becomes unbearable, interrupt the neural paths by throwing party poppers violently towards the ground. The explosive snap of the poppers acts as a physical expletive, stimulating the release of endogenous opiods and causing a mild natural high.

Soup Joumou
soup-joumouThis squash-based soup is the traditional soup of the Haitian Revolution, the only successful slave rebellion in world history. Prior to the rebellion, only the French were allowed to eat soup. Now everyone eats this soup all year round, but especially on January 1st in memorial of the revolution.

Freedom Dick (The Ukrainian Revolution)
Take a test tube full of cayenne-spiced beet juice. This is your life, everything you have worked for and earned over the years. Hold it lightly as a blindfold is placed over your eyes. A stranger takes it from you. Grasp blindly to take it back, being careful not to break or spill it. Once you’ve found it, seize the test tube and drink the juice. This is the Ukrainian Revolution.

Communism is Bananas (The Velvet Revolution)
communism-bananasEat banana. Read a joke of Czech origin and enjoy a laugh at the expense of Communist leaders. Throw peel on the ground for their upset ghosts to trip on as they pursue you. Place banana peel in a trash can because littering is bad for the state.

Hummingbird Feeder
toast-selfAn aluminum pole extends out from an Army helmet. At the helmet end the pole is counterweighted by an empty Champagne bottle. At the far end a glass of champagne is suspended with fishing line. Wear the helmet and pour yourself a glass. In this contraption you always have a glass to toast.

Ice Cream Volcanos

ice-cream-volcanoHomemade ice cream is served in a bowl. The center is hollowed out with a single mentos at the bottom. Pour root beer down the center. Observe reaction and consume.

Jumping for Joy
jump-joyOrange slices and bagel halves are strung to a long branch, dangling at a jumpable height. Leap upwards and snatch bites as the server bobs the branch.

Vapor Dip
umbrellaAs Newton famously noted, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Falling rain’s lesser known complement is an upward shower of beans rising from the earth, here caught using the same umbrella originally used to deflect rain.

Bittersweet Birthday
bittersweet-bdayIt’s the server’s birthday. He’s brought a sweet cake, but he’s gluten-free. Take a slice, blow out a candle, and make a wish for him as you eat the cake.

Speakeasy Treat
MG_9984Rice Krispy Treats have been prepared in advance. The melting of the marshmallows signifies the unification of Appetite Obscureans. Atop the treats are sprinkled colorful candies.

Zarathustra’s Mountain
zarathustraDark chocolate has been formed into the shape of a mountain. Take a bite, incorporating the spirit of Zarathustra into your body. Claim your right to self-determination.

Everything Pancake
everything-pancakesA cake is made of pancake batter, egg, sausage, bacon, cheese, and any other high-protein breakfast elements you happen to have in the fridge. This cake is a compact source of energy to support you on whatever journey you are called to take.

Balancing Oreos
oreo-balanceSeparate an Oreo and balance one half on your finger. Leafy garnish optional.

These are the Fruits of Freedom
beans1All sorts of legumes are collected, representing the unified people of every nation who have risen up against their oppressors. These beans are seasoned with a medley of chilis and aromatics from many different countries.

Pick a Date
Find a date (person). Find a date (fruit). Give your date a date to eat while you lay with your head on their chest, feeling the gentle rise and fall of their breath.

Chinese Shepard’s Pie
During the construction of the Canadian railroads, Chinese laborers subsisted mostly on this dish: mashed yams mixed with carrots and celery over ground beef. To this day many Chinese Canadians will not eat yams because they are associated with this meal of poverty and desperation.

Uh Oh Olives
Pick an olive. Make a wish. Place the olive over one of the letters on the alphabet board. Leave. Whoever eats that olive becomes the beneficiary of your wish, though they won’t know the wish unless they can find you.

Dobrogo Dnya
Take a bite of shredded beets. Learn to say hello in Ukrainian before swallowing.

Snap Peas
Eat dried peas while snapping.

The Afterthought Dish
A tasty homemade apricot jam begs to be liberated from it’s glass walls. Lift it up and out to eat by way of spoon or knife.


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