No. 4

Potluck No 4 BannerAll photographic evidence of this event was lost in a tragic rave accident at the Dallas Convention Center. For now all we have are our memories and text descriptions. Illustrations will be added at a later date.

This Is Your Heart
A server is given a whole roasted beet. This is their heart. They pick a diner to fall in love with, skin the beet, and offer the diner their heart. The diner asks for small pieces of the beet, directing and criticizing how the beet is cut, until the beet has been consumed.

High Tea Low Tea
A ladder is extended as tall as possible. At the top of the ladder is a pulley. A rope hangs over the pulley with a vessel of tea. The high drinker climbs the ladder, pours a cup of tea from the vessel, then lowers the vessel to a second drinker who is seated on the floor. The low drinker pours a cup, then both cups are drunk simultaneously.

The diner chooses one of the three mixtures to spread on a cracker: avocado with pesto, mashed sweet potatoes with ginger and sugar, or sorrel puree. A six sided die is rolled, randomly selecting one of six bottles: each bottle contains a powerful aroma, such as a flower or an essential oil. Finally, the diner asks the server a question. In response, the server reads a randomly selected entry from the thesaurus while the diner eats the cracker and smells the bottled aroma simultaneously.

The diner selects a grape from the bowl. All of the grapes are named Nevin and have a happy wife and a pet golden retriever. Nevin has information the diner is trying to extract. The server is Nevin’s voice as the diner meticulously skins, shreds, or dismembers Nevin with a long sharp knife.

Target Pasta
Three diners are each given a handful of pasta. Their objective is to throw pasta into each others’ mouths. Every time a diner catches a piece of pasta in their mouth or successfully throws a piece into the mouth of another diner, they score a point. The three diners must maintain equal distance from each other: if one diner steps inward, the other diners must step inward as well. The game is played for two minutes. At the end of the game, the diner with the most points is awarded a feeling of satisfaction about themselves.

Easter in Hades
Deviled eggs are hidden in small bags throughout the room. Diners discover and eat them. Better find them all, or in the next few days the room will acquire a distinctly Hades-like odor.

Name This Dish
A bowl of snacks imported from a distant land is presented in a bowl. Diners write down a name for the dish before eating it, then write down a second name for the dish after eating it.

Kale Seitan
The diner wraps a bite of spicy seitan in a blanched kale leaf. The diner growls “Kale Seitan!” in a gutteral voice, then eats it.

The Petting Zoo
The diner acts like an upset goat, bull, monkey, or equivalent mammal while the server attempts to calm them down and feed them raw vegetables.

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